"Painting is my flight, and I never cease to fly"

Antonella Pintauro’s artistic activity began at an early age.

Self-taught, the artist approaches palettes and brushing by painting the world around her.

Among her first creations, a painting depicting her sister who died prematurely, Maria.

Flowers, meadows and colors… a lot of colors, because color is the real protagonist present throughout the artist’s production.

A soft, full-bodied and at the same time light color, painted with a brush with large hairs, never clean because constantly mixed intuitively with many other colors.

It is precisely from this amalgam of elements and these impetuous mixtures that the most beautiful canvases of her production were born.

An additional element that certainly characterizes her paintings is spontaneity in creation; indeed, Antonella, mother of three children, between the preparations of porridges and sauces, has never given up painting because, as she says herself: “Painting is my flight, and I never cease to fly away”.

Her art, however, has undergone many transformations and has evolved: today, Antonella Pintauro experiments with new pictorial forms where the two-dimensional space of painting is invaded by surrealist objects without of course abandoning the softness and debauchery of colors that make her paintings the perfect expression of her endearing personality: a continuous explosion of energy, of vigor and vitality.