Privacy Policy

Having regard to the European Union regulation 2016/679 regarding the protection of individuals and the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of such data (GDPR).

Given the full applicability of the aforementioned regulation in every Member State from 25 May 2018.

The purpose of this Document is to inform users of the website “” about the management of Personal Data, that is, all information collected by the website itself that could identify a natural person.

The Data Controller of Personal Data, as regards the website in question, can be identified in the figure of Antonella Pintauro . The aforementioned has the right to modify or update this Document. It will be the responsibility of the Personal Data Controller to inform users who, in any case, are invited to access the Privacy Policy area at each access to check for any updates not communicated.

Data collected from the Website

The Personal Data collected can be used to fulfill legal, contractual or pre-contractual matters. Furthermore, some information may be collected by third parties.

Information necessary to perform the action but NOT collected by the website:

  • Compilation of the contact form, where the e-mail address and name will NOT be stored, but used only to answer the question;

The information that could be collected by third parties refers to actions that refer to a third party: access to Facebook, Instagra or Pinterest.

Processing methods

Data processing is carried out using telematic or IT tools only for the purposes indicated in the previous paragraph and in the Cookie Privacy section.

Antonella Pintauro declines any responsibility regarding the processing of the aforementioned data by the third parties referred to in the previous paragraph.


Personal data are processed at the headquarters of the owner. For more information, you can contact Antonella Pintauro at the following e-mail address:, while for more information about third parties you can search for the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest policies on Google.

Data retention period

Personal data are NOT stored, unless required by law and defense purposes of their own or of third parties.

Personal Data may be stored due to legal impositions or by competent authorities. 

Privacy Cookie

Technical cookies (navigation and session): these are data acquired during normal navigation within the website. The transmission is implicit and is not used by the Website to identify users, however, by their very nature, they could be processed by third parties and lead to the identification of the user. Some examples are: the IP address, domain name of the users who access the Website, addresses in URI notation, access time, requests to the Website, etc.

Statistical and advertising cookies: the Website uses the functions of Google Analytics to know how users visit the Website itself, including the number of visitors, pages visited and sites of origin. This information is NOT for advertising purposes, but allows us to know any errors and improve the performance of the Website. In any case, it does not allow the identification of the user and is not transferred and / or shown to third parties.

By choosing to refuse cookies, the user may not be able to use all the features of the site.

You can block cookies by following the instructions provided by your browser (usually found in the “Help”, “Tools or” Edit “menus)